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Patient Policies

Patient No Show and Conduct Policy
It is The NATIVE Project’s goal to serve all of our patients with Sacred Hospitality for when they request services.  In doing so, we request our patients treat our staff with Sacred Hospitality as well.  Because of this, we are sometimes unable to accommodate urgent patient needs due to unplanned patient no-shows.  We need your help to make sure that we are best serving the many needs of our patients each day.  To achieve this, we have developed a patient no-show and conduct agreement.  

The agreement is as follows:   

  •      If you miss three appointments in a six-month time period without giving 12-hour notice to reschedule or cancel, you will automatically be placed on a contingency plan where you are unable to schedule appointments for the following six months.  
  •      If you are under the contingency policy, in order to be seen at The NATIVE Project, you will have to come to the clinic and wait until one of the providers has a cancellation or an open appointment.  

Additionally, we ask that our patients treat our staff with respect and understand that the patient or patient’s representative may be discharged from The NATIVE Project if there is any verbal or physical abuse or threatening behavior to any of our staff members.
By signing below, I understand and agree to give the clinic a 12-hour notice if I need to cancel or reschedule appointments.  If I miss three appointments in a six-month period without giving the clinic a 12-hour notice, I understand I will be put on the contingency plan stated above.  I further understand and agree that I will treat The NATIVE Project staff in a non-threatening way.




The purpose of the Patient Discharge Policy from The NATIVE Project is to direct a mechanism for review of cases where there is a serious breach in the responsibility of a patient to The NATIVE Project.  The reviewers consist of the Director of the team affected, Patient Services Supervisor, the provider involved, COO and/or any staff involved in the case.  The group may recommend a remedy, which may include the termination of the patient from The NATIVE Project Clinic.  The recommendations of the group will be reported to the CEO and the decision to execute the recommendations lies with the CEO. Reasons for requesting a review meeting include but are not limited to the following:

1.    Tampering with a prescription for medication written by a provider;
2.    Verbal or physical abuse or threatening of a staff person, or other patients- by a patient or their representative;
3.    Any other illegal activities.
1.    Patient’s and/or patient’s representative’s behavior is documented on an incident report form.
2.    Provider reviews the inappropriate behavior with the patient and documents the counseling session in the chart.
3.    The case is reviewed and recommendations are made.  The final decision is left to the CEO to discharge patient.
4.    If the decision is made to discharge the patient, a draft discharge letter is attached to the incident report form and is given to the Patient Services Supervisor who will type a finished letter and return it to the Medical Director for signature.
5.    A copy, if needed, is sent to the patient’s insurance carrier.
6.    Patients have the right to grieve the decision by responding in writing within two weeks of the notification of the decision.
7.    If grieved, the review team will reconvene within 48 hours and the CEO render a final decision taking any new information into account.  The patient will be notified of the final decision within one week of receiving the grievance.
8.    The Patient Services Supervisor will:
a.    Place a signed copy of the letter in the demographic section of the chart.
b.    Mail the signed letter by certified mail.
c.    Note on the letter copy that original was mailed via certified mail, date and sign.
d.    Make a notation in computer systems with date of discharge that letter had been sent and that the patient is on “30-day emergency care only.”
e.    Notify, in writing, pharmacy staff of the discharged patient.

9.    The Scheduler will:
a.    Remind discharged patients calling for appointments that the NATIVE Project will provide emergency care for 30 days and then will no longer be able to provide care for them at The NATIVE Project.  The NATIVE Project will send a copy of their records to their new physician of choice but only after the discharged patient returns the completed release form mailed with their discharge letter.

10.    The Patient will:
a.    Find another primary care provider immediately.
b.    Notify The NATIIVE Project of their new primary care provider as soon as possible AND sign, complete and return a release of information form.
c.    NOT enter The NATIVE Project facility after the 30 days of emergency care has elapsed.

***Dental and Behavioral Health Patients will adhere to their separate discharge and contingency policies.